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Why Invest

Aptiv is a global technology company and an industry leader in vehicle architecture. Our strategically positioned product portfolio in key growth spaces addresses mobility’s toughest challenges and meets consumer needs for advanced technologies. Aptiv’s relentless focus on execution and delivering results is reflected in its consistent growth over market and ability to fulfill its commitments and deliver shareholder value.

Positioned to win

Portfolio aligned to safe, green and connected megatrends

Aptiv is a leader in vehicle architecture and is the only provider of both the Brain and Nervous System of the vehicle. As architectures become more advanced, Aptiv is well positioned to address Mobility’s toughest challenges. We have an unmatched position in the industry with deep capabilities in software development, automotive grade industrialization and systems integration.

We’ve strategically positioned our product portfolio in high-growth spaces to meet consumer preferences for advanced technologies that address the convergence of industry megatrends. Our vision is to be the partner of choice in delivering safe, green and connected solutions to our customers by providing the integrated Brain and the Nervous System of the vehicle.


"As a result of our portfolio rotation, Aptiv has evolved into a global technology company that develops safer, greener and more connected solutions that are enabling the future of mobility."Kevin P. Clark, Chief Executive Officer

Enhancing technology capabilities

Expanding on our industry leading portfolio

The importance of execution has never been more evident in our industry than it is today. The vehicle is rapidly becoming a software-defined platform, as new features and functionality are increasingly enabled through software and systems integration. Aptiv continues to enhance its industry leading portfolio through acquisitions and strategic investments to capitalize on new mobility opportunities:

  • Bolt-on acquisitions strengthen our competitive position, create opportunities for integration synergies, and improve our end market diversification.
  • Advanced technology enablers include software and connectivity, which enhance our capabilities and increase speed to market.
  • Strategic investments provide collaboration for startup agility while accelerating commercialization. These investments enact as a bridge between traditional mobility customers by enhancing our speed to market and adoption of new technologies.

Track Record of execution

Delivers Results

Aptiv has a relentless focus on execution and improving costs while growing investments. Our portfolio is aligned with the safe, green and connected megatrends which provide tailwinds for growth. This is reflected in our financial results, where we have consistent growth over market in all of our key businesses and fulfill our commitments.


Bookings adjusted for divestitures, foreign exchange, and commodities
Margin expansion and EPS adjusted for restructuring and other special items
2014-2016 adjusted for impact of Mechatronics divestiture; refer to appendix summaries in the 2017 Investor Day and Q4 2017 Earnings Call presentations

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence - It applies to everything we do each and every day and is what we expect across our entire enterprise. Our management philosophy is laser focused on disciplined and sustainable growth, optimizing our cost structure, and increasing cash flow generation. Our commitment to long-term sustainable value creation and our strategies to achieve it have delivered compelling results.

We continuously streamline our operations and remain relentless on improving our cost structure, while increasing our investment and growth initiatives. We have experienced a significant uptick in new program launches with the scope and complexity of these launches also increasing. By leveraging the significant volume growth and increase in manufacturing, we are able to deliver incremental material productivity and other operating initiatives. In addition, with our global scale and reach, we are also able to leverage our complex supply chain and manufacturing systems to drive costs out for our customers. This focus on cost structure allows us to lower our break-evens, fund incremental growth investments and enable our strong track record of margin expansion and double digit earnings growth.

Consistent management philosophy

Delivering Shareholder Value

Aptiv’s Leadership Team is laser-focused on delivering value to shareholders, and our strategy remains disciplined and balanced while enhancing areas of growth. Our strong cash flow generation accelerates capital deployment that capitalizes on new mobility opportunities and prioritizes investments in growth.

Capital Deployment Graphic

Capital expenditures
  • Organic re-investment to drive growth and increase returns
Mergers & Acquisitions
  • M&A for accretive bolt-on’s / diversification and technology enablers
  • Maintain competitive dividend
Share repurchases
  • Excess cash returned to shareholders

Culture of Corporate Governance & Sustainability

Aptiv’s Leadership Team fosters a high performance culture that is built off of a strong corporate governance framework. Ethics and integrity are core values at Aptiv and guide how we interact with our colleagues, customers, investors, regulators, suppliers and other stakeholders.

In addition to delivering financial results, we also measure our success with environmental, governance and social performance indicators. The ethical and sustainability impact of our business is a major area of focus for Aptiv’s Leadership Team.